Now with factory "automotive" tinting
Slight curve added
These are REPRODUCTION GT quarter windows.
  Each window is handmade from high temperature acyrlic.(not Lexan like the original). These windows can practically bend in half before they break, and still look like GM originals.

   Detail is incredible. From the matrix border to the multi color GT logo. The front edge of the window also has the inward curl.
Easy to Install
  Each window includes a roll of tape, and is easy to install yourself. Remove your old window, and old tape. Next, clean the surface of your fiero and apply the tape to the same factory locations on your new window, And now you're ready to install your new reproduction window.
Winter Installation Instructions
  Some are lucky enough to live where its warm year round. For temps below 50, place your fiero in a heated garage for at least 24 hours before install. After 24 hour waiting period, install your windows as directed above. Do not remove your fiero from the warm garage for another 24 hrs.
Remove the old window. (It  rarely comes out in one piece)
Remove old tape and clean mounting surface
Apply the supplied tape to your new window. Now install your window.
(You may find installation easier if driprail is removed)
Tinting Available
Approx 20% tinting.
  Please note: The plastic itself is tinted. This mutes the GT logo (as seen in above picture). Most customers prefer a tinted window without the GT logo so they can add a vinyl sticker of their own design. I keep tinted windows, void of the GT logo, on hand. If you prefer the logo, they will have to be ordered.

My 86 GT wears the first generation windows, just imagine what the second generation will look like on your fiero
There is virtually no noticeable difference in fit or curve vs. GM factory windows
Before Install After Install
$220 pair Includes delivery anywhere in USA.


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